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Mixed Level

with Mariel Freeman

SHANTI FLOW (Preregister if attending in person)

with Colleen Saidman

Yoga Flow

with Roy Gan

Kula Flow + Pranayama

with Nikki Vilella

Meditation Mondays: I Am Full

with Kathryn Budig

Monday Meditation: Global Healing Prayer

with Seane Corn

Vinyasa Quickie: Gentle lungey backbendy sequence (no chaturanga or suns)

with Ame Wren

Yoga Flow

with Nicole Behnke

Medium Roast Flow

with Tom Dobmeier

Kula Reset: Relieve Belly Bloat

with Clio Manuelian

Soul Filled Sundays

with Rashida Parrish

Terrapin Flow (Slow Flow)

with Kim Poussard