Flow Free From Fear w/ Justin Reilley

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Justin Reilley

Justin is the owner and lead instructor at Yoga Rebellion in Collingswood,NJ. He’s been teaching in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for the last 10+ years. His love of martial arts drew him to yoga and aft...
It’s almost Halloween: that time of year where haunting images and dreadful stories fill our minds. But beneath the surface, what do we truly fear? Being wrong, losing what’s “ours”, our ego getting bruised, avoidance, and the fear of this beautiful body moving toward decay. In yoga it’s called the Kleshas or The Five Afflictions, and Justin is here to educate and offer remedies for those trepidations. Class opens with a dharma talk about the Kleshas then moves into front body opening flow.

Level 2
40 mins
Props: blocks, optional

Postures include: lizards, skandasana, archer warrior 2, side andgle, side planks, flip dog, much more fun stuff!