Merry Movement w/ Justin Reilley

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Justin Reilley

Justin is the owner and lead instructor at Yoga Rebellion in Collingswood,NJ. He’s been teaching in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for the last 10+ years. His love of martial arts drew him to yoga and aft...
Justin Reilley is back in the Haus to get us right during the holidays.

In this 30 minute practice, we’re going to celebrate our amazing bodies and the gifts they’ve given us through movement. This class will focus on hybrid movement, with yoga poses sprinkled throughout animal locomotion and other aspects of movement culture. Expect to get weird and just go along for the merry ride!

*Pre-recorded class -- available in Replays 12/29*
Level 2
30 minutes
Props: optional

Postures include: gorillas, skandasana, kick thrus, rev table tops, underswitches, malasana, push ups, flip dogs